Al Zlogar | field recording / sound design

Al Zlogar

Enrolled in the Sound Design Career Development Program

Field of study: sound design / field recording / audio forensics / audio engineering

Al Zlogar began his formal training in music composition at an early age, focusing on the saxophone as his main instrument. After attending various schools including Penn State University, Deleware Community College and the Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Al decided to explore gaining higher learning in sound design, audio engineering and electronic music composition.

In 2016, Al enrolled in the Underground Producers Alliance where he studied advanced sound design, field recording, film score theory and sound library development with such innovators as Douglas Murray (Harry Potter, Let Me In, Planet Of The Apes), Scotty Hard (Wu Tang Clan, Jungle Brothers), HPrizm (Anti Pop Consortium), Raz Mesinai (Black Hawk Down, The Wrestler, The Truth About Charlie) as well as mixing for surround sound and VR with Paul Geluso and also took intro classes on audio forensics with leading forensics professional, Ed Primeau.

Since he began, Al has worked as recording engineer for projects, including the filming of “Beyond The Beat” with MC Dalek and Prince Paul, has produced two albums of field recordings, a sound library of original sound designs and recordings of acoustical spaces and sounds of nature, and is currently working on his third album of sound designs using modular synths and acoustic instruments as source material. On Halloween of 2019, performed live sound design along with music accompaniment by Val Jeanty for Raz Mesinai’s film “Tunnel Vision” (Tzadik DVD series).





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