Al Zlogar | field recording / sound design

Al Zlogar Enrolled in the Sound Design Career Development Program Field of study: sound design / field recording / audio forensics / audio engineering Al Zlogar began his formal training in music composition at an early age, focusing on the saxophone as his main instrument. After attending various schools including Penn State University, Deleware Community […]

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Viberous | Splintered

[zoomsounds id=”splintered”] Tracklist Run Time – 33:53 Windthrow Clod Treeskin Seance Rustle Nettle Strictolation Still Lives Rustle (A-0 remix) Nettle (I-VT remix) Splintered is the recent sonic endeavor by producer and sound designer, Viberous. Made possible by the Andreas Robbin’s Music Scholarship, this release is the result of studying under the guidance of UPA co-founder/teacher, […]

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A-0 | Global Violence

[zoomsounds id=”global-violence”] Tracklist Run Time – 41:27 Side A: Would You Believe Me If I Told You The World Was Flat? That When Pelted With Shrapnel It Through N Throughs Covertly Would You Mind If I Remind You That Your World Was Forged From War? As Celestial Bodies Clash, The Sparks Give Birth To History […]

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[zoomsounds id=”bloc”] This sonic thesis, inquiring into the experiments and techniques taught at the UPA Ghost Program, is a complex array of tangled rhythms, swarming drones, transforming vocal cuts and distorted melodies that hit deep on a sound system. Tracklist Cassette A side: TEMPLAR ft. Phong Tran BLOC BLOC (RETCON Remix) NEOMEGIDOLA 11/09;11:09 ft. Shahzad […]

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A-0 | Uni

[zoomsounds id=”uni”] Dub, noise, house, and bass music, the sounds of liquefied pianos, mangled synthesizers, and broken drumbeats releasing into a pool of low end, ambience, and the vocalist Screechy Dan, to create a Frankenstein of genre-less sound system artillery. Disfigured noises alluding to the sounds of dial-up internet are joined with the echoes of […]

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